My House

Hi everybody! This is Stevie. Today I will being giving you a little photo tour of my house. Having my own house has been a huge accomplishment for me because everyone thought I would never be able to live on my own because of my CP. Since I have moved in I have been having a blast decorating and making my home. I got a lot of my stuff off of Amazon and will be including links on this post, so if you see someone you like and you want to browse for yourself you can. I hope you enjoy!


I live in house that is divided up into three apartments, and live on the second floor. This is a picture of the bathroom and the beginning of the kitchen. You can see in the background my little Bubbles is laying on the heater like any little kitty would on a cold winter day. I didn’t have a lot of counter and cupboard space so I found this kitchen cart on wheels on Amazon for more storage. It has been great to have because now I have a place to store all of my dishes neatly. I have a vase of a fake flowers on the cart. I need to have fake plants in my house because Angel and Bubbles get into everything, so having real plants would be a disaster. This is also where I store my spices.

I have a cabinet for all of my kitchen linens. The top was a nice place to use as storage. I also have a photo of my grandma and my aunt on top of this cabinet. My grandma is the best grandma a girl could ever ask for. She has been my rock throughout my life



This is my laundry room. Having my own washer and dryer has been amazing because I had go to the laundromat in my last apartment. This makes my Saturday routine so much easier. The laundry is off of my kitchen and these selves allow it to double as a pantry.

20180110_135039 (1)

This is  my kitchen. I have a center piece that I put together. I also have an island with an electric cook top and another flower arrangement that I put together.


This my hallway and it was so much fun to jazz it up a little. Long hallways are great for hanging picture and accent tables. I have two accents tables in my hallway with nick nacks and another flower arrangement that I put together. I also have a checkered hall runner from Amazon, which I love because it as color to the space.


This is my bedroom. It feels so nice to finally have a full size bedroom. I love dolphins so most of my room is dolphin décor. I have a dolphin bed set. My room has two big windows that Angel and Bubbles love to sit in. I have one of my big closets in my room. I have two big closets to my self which is most girls’ dream come true.


My living room

My living room. I have my living divided up into two sections. One section is my office and the other area is my relax/tv area. I also have my cat condo in my living room that Angel and Bubbles love. I have photos of my college graduation and my friend Julie and I from our college spring break trip to L. A.

This concludes my house tour. I hope you enjoyed!


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