Hello everyone. I would like to share with something I stumbled across on Facebook. Fabfitfun. Fabfitfun is a subscription to a website where they will send you a box every season. The products in the box are everyday life style products. The seasonal fee is $49.99, and the price is completely worth it. Honestly my first two boxes knocked my grocery list in half, and if I would have bought these products at the store I would have spent more than 50 bucks. I put a picture here to show you the products that can in my first two boxes….And no Bubbles wasn’t included. She wanted to be a ham and get into the picture…love her!

The first product I got was the face mist spray. It has been great for rehydrating my face. I really love using it after my workouts. I am a runner, and during the winter my face is really dry after my workouts. I use this right when I get back from running and it rehydrates my face right away. I also got a bottle of lotion for my hands, and I always use lotion after my showers and makes my hands feel smoother. I got a travel make up bag. A girl could never have too many of those. I receive eyeshadow and anti-winkle eye cream. I have to say my favorite FabFitFun products so far has been the pillow spray because it is made with Camomile which helps me fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more rested.

If you are interested in checking out fabfitfun for yourself her is the link: https://fabfitfun.com/. Let me know if you join or are already getting boxes. Comment below if you want to see my next unboxing and we want to share are unboxing fun.


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