Chapter 4 Pre K/Kindergarten

For preschool and kidnergarten I went to Easter Seals. Easter Seals was a special school for children with disabilities. The academic curriculum was behind other preschool and kidnergarten classes in the area. I was sent to Easter Seals because everyone thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the academic requirements of a mainstream school. I did very basic academic work during preschool and Kindergarten. My teachers had me do a lot of art projects to work on my fine motor skills. The projects included coloring pages to help me learn how to color inside of the lines and worksheet that had me cut on a line. We read books that were written for toddlers because many of my classmates could not read at the Kindergarten level. We read out loud in class so the teacher could help us learn how to read. I was the only one in the class that was able to breeze through these books. Towards the middle of that school year we were finally reading books at our age level. I was one of the only students who was able to read and comprehend a book. At the end of kindergarten we all had to take a standardized reading comprehension test to determine our placement for first grade. I scored really high on this exam. My teacher and parents had a meeting to discuss the results of this exam and my progress in the classroom. My teachers told my parents that I am not being challenged enough academically and need to be in a mainstream school to reach my full academic potential. My parents agreed with the teacher and enrolled me in Kreutz Creek Elementary for first grade.
We had a lot of fun activities during preschool and Kindergarten. The two activities I remember the most was playing Tball and horseback riding camp over the summer. I really enjoyed both. These activities made me feel like a normal kid. It felt so nicw to say I had practices and games like my brother and my cousins did. I loved Tball. I loved being up to bat and running the bases. Tball gave me a break from therapty because of the workouts I was doing at practice. Running at Tball strengthen my legs. My favorite thing about Tball was playing in the out field. I loved running after the ball as fast as I could to throw to my teammate on base to get the other team out. I was able to catch a ball that someone hit the out field during a game, that made me feel good because that caused us to win the game.
I really enjoyed horseback riding camp. Easter Seals had a ranch not too far from the school. This ranch was on a wooded lot and had about 40 horses. We did a lot with the horses there. They had a large riding ring where we would ride. We had spotters, and our spotters would take us up to a platform where we would get on the horse. After we got on the horse our spotters would make sure our helmet was on tight enough, we had our riding belts so they could hold onto us while we were on the horse, and our feet were in the stirrups. My spotters would first take me into the riding ring. The ring had a lane with barriers a lane without barriers. My spotters started me out on the lane without barriers to get me use to being on the horse. They taught me how to control of the horse by the way I moved the reigns. If I wanted the horse to move left, I pulled the reigns to the left. If I wanted the horse to move to the right I pulled the reigns to the right. If I wanted the horse to stop I would pull straight back on the reigns, and if I wanted the horse to go faster, I needed to snap the reigns. After I learned how to control the horse my spotters let me go over the barriers. In order for the horse to go over the barriers i would make him speed up in order for him to have enough power to clear the barriers. I would have the horse clear all five barriers around the ring. After the horse cleared all of the barriers I would give him a hug and pet its neck for doing a good job. My favorite part of horseback riding was when we would take long rides into the woods. The ranch was surrounded by woods and was a two mile that we would take the horses on. It was so much fun. The woods were so beautiful and the horses enjoyed it. The trail was surrounded by trees. We would meet at the center of the woods where there was a clear patch of land. Our spotters would take pictures of us with our horses. At the end of this ride we would give the horses carrots. We would have an awards ceremony at the end of the summer where we would get trophies for participating in the camp. They would have a pinic for us and our families.


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