Rachel Pally Reversal Clutch in Bloom, Zahara, and Paradise

In my fabfitfun box I received the Paradise Clutch. I was so happy that I got this style of clutch because I love the beach and it would be the style I would have picked out myself. The thing I like the most about these bags are they are deep. I have been looking for travel bags for my shampoo and conditioner. I like taking full bottles of shampoo and conditioner on trips that way I don’t have to think about the amount I would need on the trip that I am going on. I know I got one of these bags in each of the boxes but I feel a girl could never have too many cosmetic bags. Here is the description of the clutch: “Say hello to the cutest clutches around. From designer Rachel Pally, these patterned picks are the perfect complement to any outfit. And the best part? They’re reversible. Yep, two clutches in one! TIP Use the pattern side to add a pop of color and use the reverse side to accent more elaborate outfits.”. If you would like to see the clutch bag for yourself check out the fabfitfun website. http://www.fabfitfun.com #fabfitfun. If you receive fabfitfun boxes yourself feel free to let me know what your favorite products and your thoughts on the Rachel Pally Clutch in the comments below and I look forward to chatting with you.DD210722-4814-4F90-8EE4-F30A1CFBAC0A.jpeg


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