Ish Lip Statement Palette

Puker up ladies. This palette features 11 intensely pigmented shades and one balm that will give your lips a beautiful pop of color. Enriched with rose extract, Shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and aloe vera, you can mix and match for endless color combinations. One thing we love about YouTube guru, Alex Garaza? She makes beauty so accessible. She’s genuine, honest, and thoughtful – so don’t be surprised if watching her videos is like watching your BFF gab away about her favorite highlighter.

Combine Alex with ISH’s mission to create products that enhance authentic beauty, and we think it’s safe to say the ISH Lip Statement Palette is going to be your new go to lip staple.

Fabfitfun sat down with Garza to chat all things beauty, her best tips and tricks for the palette, and how her beauty routine has changed as an expected mom.

Why did you decide to partner with ISH?

I’ve gotten a Fabfitfun box every season for years now. I love trying new brands and products. Collaborating with them was always a natural fit on my channel. ISH combines my love for FFF and beauty!

What’s your favorite part about the lip palette? So many great naturals, my fave.

Can you share tips on when to use the brush vs a finger when applying the colors? I use a brush every day because it makes the color so even and smooth. If I for a quick “no makeup” makeup look I would use my finger and tap a lighter shade onto my lips and mix with a balm to make a stain.

What are your go to lip colors for spring? Peaches and baby  pink are always my favorite when the weather starts to warm up.

What inspired your love for makeup? My mom. She’s so glam and is so good at makeup.

As an expectant mother, has your beauty routine changed? I still do my favorite look, but I’ve gotten it down to a science and can do it in five minutes. Foundation, bronzer, brows, and lips. I have lash extensions so that knocks off a few minutes when getting ready.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lip Palette

With 11 intensely pigmented shades, one balm, and a handy brush, the ISH Lip Statement Palette will help you create an endless amount of kissable looks this season. Like neuturals? Want to go bold? Prefer to mix your own colors? Do it all with this palette. Before you start, read up on their tips and try a few of the looks below! Bisous!


Always prep your lips. Start by exfoliating your pout with a scrub to remove dead skin. Then hydrate with the KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask to lock in moisture. These steps will ensure that your lip color applies evenly and stays on all day and night.

Use the edge of the brush to help fill in the corners of your lips.

For an even cleaner finish, Alex Garza recommends using a flat eyeliner or eyebrow brush and a tiny bit of foundation to clean up edges.

Blot! Blotting helps even out the color on your lips, but make sure you do it right. Color tends to fade faster towards the middle of your mouth, so press slightly hard on the tissue with your outer lip. It also helps to blot in between layers of color.


Ombre. Here is Alex’s quick step by step on how to achieve the perfect ombré pout:

1. Like with a neutral brown to get your perfect shade. 2. Use a darker shade and go over where you put the liner using a brush. 3. Wipe off the brush and take the lightest shade and apply that to the corner of the lips, top and bottom. 4. Finally, use the brush to blend the two shades together.

Mix and match. Create your own color! On glass or a non-porous surface, use the brush to dab a little bit of the color you’d like to mix. The trick is to mix a little bit at a time to help you nail down the perfect custom shade.

Gradient. Think of this as a reverse ombré. Use a lighter color as the base and a darker color in the middle.



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