Physique 57 Massage Roller S

This massage Roller does wonders for sore, achy muscles. Improve flexibility, break up scare, tissue, and keep tender muscles at bay. Just 5-10 minutes with this tool will have your body feeling all the feels. If you got a restless night’s sleep, chances are your body’s little tight and uncomfortable. Alleviate aches and pains with the Physique 57 Massage Roller. This handy travel sized device targets specific trigger points and keeps sore stiff muscles at bay.

The most effective way to use a massage roller

Give tired muscles the proper TLC it deserves while breaking up scar tissue, improving flexibility, and keeping soreness at bay. Unlike your traditional foam roller, the Physique 57 Massage Roller features two spiky balls, which help target your muscles even better. Plus, the long handles on both ends allow for a tight grip to make this post sweat sesh recovery tool highly effective.

Check out five ways you can treat sore muscles and get the most out of the massage roller.


You’d be surprised how much tension builds up in your shoulders. Smooth tight muscles by placing the massage roller perpendicular to your shoulder. Place your hand in between the balls to maneuver the massage roller and target the desired area.

Lower Back

Even if you don’t work out, a common mistake people make when lifting heavy items off the ground is putting pressure into their lower back rather than using their legs. If your lower back rather than using their legs. If your lower back is aching, lie on your back with the massage roller underneath and simply away your body up and down to relieve some of the tenderness.


Hold the massage roller in both hands and roll it in all directions until you find a spot that feels good to you.


Your quads are one of the largest muscles in your body, so make sure they’re always in tiptop shape. While sitting, center the massage roller on your quads and roll it back and forth, focusing on any tender spots.

Soles of Feet

Who needs a professional foot massage when you’be got the next best thing? Place the massage roller on the floor and start rolling it up and down. You can do this while sitting down or standing up to add more pressure.



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