Chapter 8: High School

I was very excited to begin high school. I was in all mainstream classes. I had a good group of friends and was in the popular crowd. My aid from eighth grade went off to college so I knew I was getting a new aid but I went into the school year with the mindset that I was going to adjust to her quickly and make the best of it. My new aid’s name was Mrs. Yohe. Mrs. Yohe was not a nice person. From the first day I got a bad vibe from her. She had a very negative attitude and treated me like I was a trouble maker. She would always find something to yell at me for. The first thing she did was tell me that I wasn’t allowed to carry my purse into the classrooms because it was too much for us to carry. She wanted me to leave my purse out on my wheelchair in the hallway. This made me mad for many reasons. I felt like this wasn’t her place to say that I couldn’t carry my purse in the classroom because I was the one carrying my purse not her. I also felt it was unsafe to leave my purse out in the hallway because anyone walking by could take it. My one teacher had to talk to her and tell her to let me carry my purse into the classrooms. She kept causing trouble and by October she was fired because of the way she was treating me. After she was fired Mrs. Gift became my aid. She was the mother of my aid from eighth grade and worked at our middle school, so she already knew me. Things got a lot better for me once she became my aid. I went back to being a good student. The computer class I was having trouble in became a lot better. My teacher stopped seeing me as a troublemaker and was willing to work with me to get caught up on assignments. I had to stay after school to catch up on assignments but at least my teacher understood why I was having difficulty in class and that I was trying. Computer classes were always difficult for me. Our assignments were timed typing lessons where you learn to type with the two hand technique. I can only type with one hand because of the problems I have with my left hand. My teacher didn’t make me do the Typing Tutor program and only made me do the book work. This did save me some time in class and I was able to get more work done. I had to stay after school for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday to work on assignments. I hated this class because I fe like it consumed my life. It also felt like no matter how much time I put into the class I was always behind. Every class period my teacher would give us new assignments and this would frustrate m because I felt like I would never catch up on my work. I was so happy when the semester was over and I was finished with this computer class.
The second semester of ninth grade was better than the first semester. Mrs. Gift was my aid from the beginning of the semester so I felt like I had a much better beginning than in the fall. My classes were also lot more interesting. My favorite class this semester was gym class. Mrs. Firestone was my gym teacher. Mrs. Firestone was very nice and was very willing to accommodate for my disability. Mrs. Firestone was always understanding when I was having difficulty completing a task in class. She was willing to modify some of the physical fitness test requirements for me so I could get credit for that unit. I had trouble doing pull-ups because the bar was too high for me to reach. She allowed me to do extra pushups to make up for not be able to do pull-ups. Volleyball was my most difficult unit in gym class. I had trouble serving because I wasn’t coordinated enough to throw the ball up and hit it to serve. Mrs. Firestone would throw the ball up for me and that allowed me to be able to serve it. My favorite unit in gym was soccer. I always loved soccer.
I also had to take a Personal Family Life Skills class. This was the class where I had to take the key operated baby home. I had this baby for one night. I had to take care of it and write a paper on it. This baby cried every two hours. When the baby cried I had to put the key in its back and hold it until it stopped crying. I had to carry the baby through Wal-Mart and it woke me up every two hours. This baby taught me how much I need to sacrifice for when I have a child. It was very difficult balancing doing my homework while taking care of the baby. This made me want to wait to have kids until I completed school and could put my child first.
Track season was the best part of the spring semester. I made the Varsity team as a freshman. My track coach’s name was Coach Jacobs. Coach Jacobs was a great coach. He was tuff but encouraging. The first two weeks of the season the track was covered with snow so we had to run the halls in the school. After two weeks we were able to run out on the track. We had track meets every Tuesday starting the third week of the season. Track meets were so much fun. During hIgh school I ran the 100 meter dash, the 200 meter dash, and the 400 meter dash. The team was a tight group of friends. We always encouraged each other during practice and meets. We also had some fun activities outside of track. We had team dinners at Hungry Patriot Pizza buffet and Pizza Hut. We did a tie dye night at Charity’s house. This was so much fun. We went a little crazy because we ended up tie dying our hair. After we were finished tie dying we went down to the river across the street from Charity’s house. The next day we had the Surban Relays and we wondered if we were going get disqualified from our races because of our tie dyed hair. Our coaches looked at us like we were crazy because of our hair. We all wore our tie dye shirts for our worm up. The Surban Relays was a meet where all of the events were a relay race. This was a good reminder that track is a team sport. Most of the time we were focused on our own individual events and this gave us a chance to work together as a team. After this meet we only had one more meet until the county championships. Our team ended up as undefeated and county champions as a team. Most of the team qualified for the district and state meets. Track made me feel like a normal high school student. I always heard about high school students being involved in sports and it felt good to be one of the athletes. I also developed many good friends on the team. I never imagined that I would fit in as much as I did in high school. Track also instilled a lot of self discipline in me. We were required to maintain a C average in our classes in order to participate in sports. I needed to balance my academic work and track. This taught me a lot of responsibility. I had to manage my free time at home to make sure my school work was done. I had to plan a head in order to complete assignments that were due the day after I had a track meet, especially on Tuesday’s I had away meets. When I had away meets I didn’t get home until after 9 or 10 at night, and I had to get up at 5 to get ready for school the next morning. I would try to get as much work do as I could on Monday nights so I could get to bed right after I got home. I also had to spend some of my weekends working on larger assignments that way I didn’t have to work on these assignments during the week.
Track ended at the end of May. We only had two more weeks of school after track was over. We were getting ready for finals. I always hated finals because I wasn’t the best test taker. All of my finals in high school covered everything we learned during the semester and it was a lot to study. Luckily the finals weren’t a big part of my overall grade. I also got invited to graduation by my captain from the track team, Libby. Libby was her class’s valedictorian and she talked about me being on the track team in her speech. This was the first time someone publicly mentioned how I have impacted their life. This made me realize that God gave me Cerebral Palsy to use to be a positive impact on other people’s lives and I should look at it as a blessing and not something negative in my life.
Tenth grade got off to a great start. Kelly and I had a lot of classes together. I tried out for the basketball team. I didn’t make it but the coach let me be a manager and let me workout with the team at practice. Basketball was a lot of fun. We traveled a lot for games and enjoyed spending a lot of time with the team. The girls always made me feel like I was part of the team and not just the manager. One Sunday our coach took us on a bus trip to Penn State to watch the Lady Lions play basketball. It was so nice to have a day together as a team. We also went out together over Christmas break to go to the movies. Basketball season was a lot busier than track season. We had practice Monday through Saturday and games throughout the week. We had a lot of away games and most of them were two to three hours away. I had many late nights but this didn’t effect my school work. I was able to work ahead on my larger assignments. Our coach instilled a lot of self discipline in us and always gave us talks on putting school before basketball. I was very grateful for the balancing act of school and basketball because it taught me how to prioritize my time and instilled a lot of self discipline in me.
One of the most difficult events in my life occurred at the end of the first semester of tenth grade. Kelly’s mom passed away from cancer. After my last final my learning support teacher called me down to the nurses office to tell me and I was overwhelmed with sadness. I never imagined that one of my friend’s parents would pass away while we were still in high school. This was something a normal high schooler goes through. I was very close to Kelly’s whole family. I was over at her house almost every weekend. Kelly’s mom treated me like her own daughter and we have become really close during the past two years prior to her death. I was so heartbroken for Kelly thinking about all of the things we had coming up during the next two years, such as prom and graduation. These were two big events in high school that is a mother-daughter bonding experience and Kelly wouldn’t have her mom around for this. I went to the funeral and this was the hardest funeral I have ever been through. I had to watch my 16 year old best friend and her 9 year old sister say goodbye to their mother. Most girls these ages don’t think about their parents dying and shouldn’t have to. Kelly had to take on a lot more responsibility at home and I did all I could to help her. Her dad had to pick up a second job in order to replace their mom’s income. This met that Kelly had to take care of her little sister. On the weekends Kelly and I would help Lexi with her homework and do all of the things around the house that a mom would. This taught the both of us a lot of responsibility and made us grow up a lot faster than most teenagers. When Lexi was younger she appreciated everything we did for her, but towards the end of Middle School she started to act out. Kelly and I thought a big reason for the change was because Kelly’s dad favored Lexi over Kelly and did more for Lexi even as she got older. Kelly’s dad expected Kelly to grow up right away and Lexi was always the poor baby who lost her mother at a young age. Kelly’s dad turned her and Lexi on one another by doing this and it affected their relationship for a long time. Kelly and Lexi would fight over everything and Lexi acted like Kelly always owed her. She never appreciated anything Kelly every did for her and got mad at her when Kelly wouldn’t do what she wanted her to do. This lasted for many years and really effected Kelly little by little over the years.
Kelly and I had two classes together during the spring semester of 10th grade. This helped Kelly a lot. We really enjoyed having health and gym together. A lot of our friends were in these classes too. Mrs. Firestone was very good to Kelly since her mom just died. We had lunch after health and gym and I left class five minutes early because I used my wheelchair. She let Kelly leave at the same time I did. Kelly did really well with handling her mom’s death and going through this made our friendship stronger for many years.
Tenth grade was the best track season for me during high school. I mostly ran the 400 and 800 and did really well in these races. I qualified for a lot of the invitational meets and was able to compete more. My favorite invitational meet was at Shippensburg University. This meet was on a Saturday. We were able to warm up around the campus. This made us think that we were going to be in college in a couple years and we couldn’t wait to be on our own. We also got to help our coach time and record the times for the races. I was also a lot of fun spending the day as a team and getting to know other people on the other teams. I also enjoyed watching the throwing events during this meet because in regular meets in never had time to. After this meet we stopped for dinner at McDonald’s. This was my favorite part about being involved in sports, the friendships I developed and hanging out with the team. We had our first home invitational this season. We called this invitational The Battle for the Bridge because the meet was against two York County teams and two Lancaster County teams. For this meet I ran 100 meter dash. We were all were excited to have an invitational on our home turf. We were able to run the meet and had our own jobs during the meet. My job was to help time the racing and yell out the spilts during the distance races. I enjoyed this job because it forced me to pay attention to my teammates races and not just socialize after my event was over. York County ended up winning the meet and we had an awards ceremony at the end of the meet. This meet also fell on my birthday, so some of the girls sang happy birthday to me at the end of the meet. My coach also got me a birthday cake and they had a little birthday party after the meet.
The following weekend I had a sleepover at my house for my 16th birthday. I ended up having eight girls over. My mom got us pizza, snacks, and cake. We hung out and watched movies and listened to music all night. I got my first cell phone for my birthday. It was a flip phone. I was excited about turning 16 and about all of the freedoms it gave me. I was able to go out of the house more. The hardest part for me about turning 16 is that my Cerebral Palsy prevented me from learning how to drive. It was hard hearing all of my friends talking about starting to drive and I wasn’t able to. This made me feel very different and I was missing out on a right of passage to adulthood. I learned it was just something I would have to get used to. My parents made it easier by letting me go out with my friends that drove and this did give me a little more freedom. Tenth grade ended well and I was excited for 11th grade and to be an upperclassman.
A lot changed in elevens grade. Kelly was having difficulty handling her mother’s death. I noticed a big change in her at the beginning of the school year and little did I know this was just the beginning of an eleven year roller coaster ride for me. Kelly starting hanging out with the wrong crowd and became a trouble maker. She started acting out in school and stopped caring about her grades. I knew it was because she wasn’t getting the support she needed from her dad she needed after her mom died. Her dad favored her sister and forced Kelly to grow up and take on a mother role to her sister. Kelly started using fowl language and talking back to our teachers. I looked at her many times and wonder what happened to the sweet girl that I became friends with. I stuck by her side because I knew she still needed a good friend but it was hard for me to bite my tongue when she was doing things I didn’t agree with. This was also effecting me personally. I hung out with the trouble makers to make Kelly happy and everyone else changed their opinion on me. My friends from the track team didn’t want to hang out with me anymore and I started getting bullied. The people I got a long with for two years were the ones now picking on me. This also caused me to have trouble with my learning support teacher. She started looking at me differently because of Kelly. She got frustrated with me over things she used to be understanding about. For example I have bladder problems which causes me to have wetting accidents. She began to snap at me for that. I became so depressed and started hating school. I didn’t know how to handle this. I never been labeled a trouble maker before, and I knew it was because of Kelly. The people who you associate with have a reflection on you. This made it hard for me because I wanted to stay friends with Kelly but I didn’t want to be viewed as a trouble maker. I knew Kelly needed a good friend so I stayed friends with her and this made the rest of high school miserable for me. None of my friends from the track team didn’t want to talk to me. I hung out with Kelly’s friends and I felt so out of place because of the way they acted. I was bullied for the rest of high school.
The second semester of 11th grade was the most difficult semester of high school. I had really challenging classes. My most challenging class was Spanish. I never took a foreign language class before. I needed to have two credits of a foreign language for my college applications. I really struggled in this class. I had an F at midterms. This was the first F I had ever received in my life. I felt horrible. Luckily my teacher was willing to work with me to help me bring my grade up. I started studying my notes for class every night and my teacher let me take my tests in a separate room so I could have the test read out loud to me. This helped me process the questions better and my test scores started to improve to C’s. I never been happier to receive C’s in my life. Spanish class was the most stressful class I took in high school, but looking back now I am glad that I took the class because it improve my study skills for college.
Eleventh grade was the first year I was bullied in school for a while. A new kid moved to our school named Barry. Barry was a little mentally disabled and I feel he bullied me because he didn’t make the track team. He would act like he was attracted to me just to make fun of me. We had health class together and he sat with me. One of our units was CPR and first aid. We practiced the heimlich remover on each other. Our teacher told us to only place our hands where they should be when we would administer the heimlich and not to squeeze each other because we may hurt each other. Barry squeezed me hard and hurt my ribs. My friends and teachers got mad at him. A week later he pulled me aside to apologize to me and he told me to tell my friends that he apologized to me and they need to leave him a lone. Barry was also in my one science class in the spring. He and a group of other boys would always tease me. They would call me a “Fag”. The boys would always scream names at me when I passed them in the hallway. When it got close to prom they had Barry ask me if he could take me to prom as a joke. I knew they were doing this to make fun of me so I said no. The students who were behind this prank yelled at me for saying no to him. The one girl said, “Why did you say no to Barry? He is really hurt. He really likes you.”. I said, “Barry has been harassing me for a couple months and I don’t trust him.”, and I walked away. I didn’t want to go to prom because of this even though I already bought my ticket and dress. A couple days later I found out that my one teacher had bought Kelly’s prom ticket. Kelly wasn’t able to afford the ticket because her dad was still adjusting to one income in his house. This made me excited because I had someone to go with and I wasn’t going to let these jerks win. Kelly and I went to prom and hung out with the friends we used to hang out with. This made me excited because I started to see the old Kelly again. Prom helped repair mine and Kelly’s friendship and things were getting back to normal. We were excited for summer and to have a fresh start our senior year.
The summer between our junior and senior years Kelly and I had a lot going on. We didn’t get to see each other but I feel this helped our friendship. That summer I got to go to Creation. Creation is a Christian rock concert that last a weekend. This was an amazing experience. I also got to attend a sermon about letting go of anger and giving it up to God so He could forgive others through us. This helped me let go of all the bullying I faced that past school year. This helped me heal from all of the bullying. Creation helped me get back to myself. After Creation I got rid of all of my gothic clothing and started dressing the way I use to. This was a good transition between my junior and senior years.
Senior year began on a rough note. I decided to be a manager for the the Field Hockey team. A lot of the girls on the team were the stuck up girls in the school and this was nothing but drama. They made sure I knew I was just the manager by the way they treated me. During games at half time I would bring them out water. The water was in paper cups and it was hard for me to carry them out on to the field. They would get impatient with me and yell, “Hurry up!” at me. My coach stood up for me and told them if they didn’t understand that I have difficulty with carrying the cups they can get their own water. They did that the rest of the season. They would also tease me by saying one of the popular boys in the class liked me and they didn’t. The biggest drama that happened during Field Hockey season was that some of the girls from the team cheated on their Homecoming validates when we voted for Homecoming King and Queen. They stole validates so one of the candidates would win. When the principal found out that this had happened our whole class was brought down to the autorotation to revote for Homecoming king and queen. We also got a lecture about how cheating is wrong. The girls that were responsible for this were banned from going to the Homecoming dance, but this didn’t last long. Their moms went to the school and told the principal to let them go to the dance because it is their senior year and they will remember their senior Homecoming dance the rest of their lives. The principal let them go to the dance. I couldn’t believe this. If this was my mom she wouldn’t go to the school to fix it so I could go to the dance, and I felt they got special treatment because they were the popular girls. Most of them were on the Field Hockey team and the whole team heard about this for weeks. The day they were told they couldn’t go to the dance Mickayla spent all of practice complaining about it. She said that it wasn’t fair that she was going to miss her senior homecoming because of a couple votes. After a couple days our Assistant Principal called the entire senior class down to cafeteria for a meeting. He told us that the Homecoming votes problem was taken care of and we weren’t supposed to talk about it anymore. After that these girls went back to being treated like the star students of our class. Kelly and I were disgusted by this because we knew if this was someone like us we would be in trouble no matter what our parents told the school. I felt they got away with it because they were popular and the only thing they learned was to run to their mommies when they get in trouble and they will fix it for them. A couple weeks later Field Hockey was over and I was glad to get away from all of the drama.
My classes the first semester of my senior year weren’t too bad. I started my day off with Algebra. I had Mrs. Burbaker. She was one of the crabbiest teachers in the school. Everyone hoped not to have her because everyone could hear her yell the whole way down the hallway. If you weren’t good at math she made you feel like you were lazy and refused to help you. Math was my worst subject and the way she taught us didn’t make sense to me. When I went to ask her for help she said, “I just explained this five minutes ago. Why weren’t you paying attention?”. Thank goodness my cousin was in my class and she was good at math and was able help me. I was also the only senior in the class with a bunch of freshman. This made the class worse because they were all immature. Mrs. Burbaker had to spend most of the class dealing with discipline problems and keeping the class on track. She probably blamed everyone’s behavior problems on why we all needed help, but at the same time I felt like Mrs. Burbaker should have realized that I wasn’t one of the trouble makers and I was trying. I ended up getting a B in the class and I was so proud of myself because I had to work hard without much help from the teacher to earn that B.
I also took Ecology during the fall of my senior year. Ecology was the easiest class of the semester. Our tests were open note test and our teacher had to put our notes in a certain order. Each test question gave us the page number of where the answers were. I never had to study for this class. All I needed to do is to keep my notebook in order. The rest of our assignments were group projects and I had a good group to work with.
I had Business Math this semester as well. This was a very practical class. We learned how to balance a checkbook and write out checks. We also had a project where we had to pretend to buy a house and a car. We were given a budget and we had to stick to when we were picking out our house and car. I felt this was a good unit for us to have because this gave us real world experience. We learned how much these two things really cost. Business math was a lot of fun. I had this class with Kelly, Lindsey, and Kristi. We all sat together and worked together. This was an easy class. All of our assignments and tests were group projects. Our teacher was easy too. As long as we showed effort we got a good grade.
The class I hated this semester was my computer class. I came into the class with a bad attitude. My learning support teacher made me talk this class because she told me that I wasn’t going to do well in college if I didn’t take this class. I already took all of the computer credits I needed to graduate and I didn’t want to take anymore because of how stressful computer classes were for me. I always got behind in computer classes and they took up so much of my time. Think was exactly how this class went. Each day when we got to this class we got a list of assignments that we had to complete by the end of the period. I only got through half of the list by the end of the period. I had to use my free period at the end of the day and had to stay after school on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to keep up with my assignments. I had to miss Field Hockey for this class which made me upset because I didn’t even want to take this class in the first place. I felt the only reason why my learning support teacher made me take this class was because of my disability. She told me that I needed to learn more about computers to prepare for college and I felt there were better ways to prepare me for college. The course load for this class got lighter as the semester went on and I didn’t have to stay after school to complete my assignments anymore. I started to have a better attitude about this class because it wasn’t taking up all of my time like it was before.
My learning support teacher gave me a lot trouble this year. I got assigned to Mrs. Rexroth as my base teacher. Mrs. Rexroth liked to make everyone look like a trouble maker. One issue I always had because of my disability was that I would sometimes wet my pants. There are times where I don’t feel like I have to go to the bathroom or will feel it at the last minute and wouldn’t make it to the bathroom on time. Mrs. Rexroth would make a big deal out of this and would threaten to give me detention for this. This scared me and made me try to go to the bathroom after every class. One day I had an accident in Business Math and broke down and cried. My teacher talked to me before I went to the nurse’s office to change. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that Mrs. Rexroth told me that she was going to give me detention the next time I wet my pants. This made her mad because she knew I had this problem because of my disability. She made sure Mrs. Rexroth didn’t find out. Mrs. Rexroth also tried to get me to redo my scrap book for my graduation project that I have been working on for the past four years. This was the first time a teacher said there was anything wrong with my scrapbook. She said the problem was that I had each page labeled basketball or track and I wrote it instead of typing it. I had to type up these pages and repaste the pictures and articles on these pages. I only had three weeks to finish this and it was very stressful. I got it done in the nick of time. If we didn’t pass this project we didn’t graduate. I was so happy to get it done in time and pass this project.
Another thing that happened this semester that really affected Kelly and I was that our friend Victoria started to date a guy named Jason. Jason was one of the kids in our class hated. He had ADHD and didn’t know how to control himself. He was very disruptive in class and none of us liked him. Victoria forced Kelly and I to hang out with him and this really affected how everyone else in our class looked at us. We started to loose our friends because no one wanted to be around Jason. Kelly and I didn’t know how to handle this situation. We wanted to be happy for Victoria but this relationship was affected us. Victoria was the kind of girl that based her self esteem on her relationships with men, and when she got a boyfriend that was her whole life and nothing else mattered. Jason really changed Victoria. She had good morals with guys until she started dating Jason. Jason took control of her by telling her they wouldn’t have a serious relationship until they had sex. Victoria wanted to wait until she got married to have sex but she based her self esteem on her relationship with her boyfriend and she did whatever Jason wanted her to so he would stay with her. I couldn’t listen to her anymore because that was all she talked about. They were all over each other in school and on the bus. It got to the point where Kelly and I had to tell Victoria that we didn’t want Jason to eat lunch with us because we needed a break from him. This also caused us to be treated differently by our friends. We never got picked on until Victoria started to date Jason. We started hanging out with Victoria less and less because of Jason. She couldn’t understand why Kelly and I didn’t want to be around her. It was time for Kelly and I to plan out our senior prom and we tried to keep our plans away from Victoria because we didn’t want Jason to come with us. One day Victoria over heard our plans for prom and told us that her and Jason were going to join us. We felt so disrespected because we wanted to have boundaries with Jason and Victoria wouldn’t let us. We got stuck with Jason at our table at prom. We were so upset with Victoria because of this that we couldn’t hang out with her the whole dance. Victoria spent the whole dance with Jason and she stopped talking to us for the whole summer. The three of us planned a sleepover for after prom and she didn’t want us to come over to her house. Kelly and I slept over at my house without Victoria. Kelly and I concentrated on the rest of our senior year after this and didn’t really bother with Victoria the rest of the year.
The week after prom was the last week of classes for seniors. The last week of school was senior week. The Monday of senior week we went on our senior trip to Doney Park. This was a fun day. Kelly and I hung out with our old friends because Victoria was only a Sophomore so we didn’t have to deal with her. Jason tried to hang out with us and we were able to ditch him. This felt nice to not be forced to hang out with him. Victoria got mad when she found out but we didn’t care. We road the roller coasters and spent most of the day in the water park. Doney Park had a large wave pool and we spent a lot of time there. I loved the wave pool. Kelly and I laughed the whole time because when the waves became bigger they knocked me into Kelly and I knocked her down. It took her and two of our other friends to hold me up we all were laughing. We went on the Lazy River and the Bumper Boats. Kelly and I kept running into each other on the bumper boats. I started spinning in circles and we all laughed at this. Doney Park had a Water Fun House and we ran through that. Kelly chased me under a big water bucket that dumped water out when it was full. When I ran under the bucket it became full and it dumped on me. At the end of the day we played some of the games and I won a teddy bear. On the way home we stopped at McDonald’s and I felt this was a great way to begin the last week of high school.
On Tuesday of senior week we had our first graduation practice. Graduation practice was such a pain because the two teachers that were in charge of the senior class were so up tight. They wanted graduation to go a certain way and we had to keep running through everything until we got it perfect. We felt like they were making a major milestone in our lives miserable. It got to the point where we didn’t say anything at graduation practice and just did what they said to get out of practice. On Wednesday after graduation practice we had our senior picnic at Longs Park and Lancaster. This picnic was okay. We had fun but the park was dirty so we didn’t want to walk around. We just ate and sat and talked. Thursday was our last graduation practice and Friday night was our graduation. It didn’t hit me until I was walking down to the stadium that I was graduating high school. When we got to the stadium we listened to our class speakers and were called up for our diplomas. After the ceremony we took pictures with our family and friends. When I left the school I teared up a little because I knew I wasn’t coming back in the fall but I was very excited to go to Messiah. I felt like this was going to be a fresh start for me. I was so excited to start over from all of the drama that occurred because of Victoria the past two years.
I spent most of that summer with Kelly before I left for Messiah. That summer flow by and before I knew it was time for me to get ready to leave for college. That August was so busy for me. My mom and I went to the beach before I had to start getting ready to go off to college. After we came back from the beach I only had two more weeks before I had to leave for college. It was bittersweet. I didn’t want to leave home but at the same time I was excited to leave for college. I had to spend the last two weeks cleaning my room and decide what I wanted to take with me to college. Before I knew it, it was move in day at Messiah.



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