Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case

Designed with intention, the Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case draws inspiration from founder Kim Phan’s Vietnamese heritage and upbringing. Phan shares about the design process, packing tips, and where she gets her inspiration.

Prints are huge part of your brand (and the design of your train case too!). Can you talk a little bit about why prints inspire you?

When wearing prints, you can be bold or demure, sexy or sweet, and most often, confident. I have always found prints allow you to share your personality in ways that solids are not always able to do and I want for women to feel like the best version of themselves.

How does your Vietnamese background inspire your designs?

I have been surrounded by extraordinary women all of my life, like my mother who always wore the classic Ao Dai (a traditional Vietnamese dress) in bold floral prints. From these strong women I found strength and constant inspiration. I feel connected to every print I choose, and they all speak to a part of my personality or my history.

Some people can be intimidated by prints because they’ve very colorful and bold. What is the design process like for you in designing and picking the right prints?

Just like for our core line, we created a train case for each personality. One case is a vintage-inspired pretty floral combo in more muted tones while the other case is a colorful geometric print for those who like more of a statement piece.

We love your brand’s message of female empowerment, and viewing life as a colorful journey. Why is that important to you?

I have worked incredibly hard to build Yumi Kim, and I didn’t necessarily have a direct route to getting where I am today. I am so proud that I can now give other women the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel within our company and beyond. I hope to empower my team as well as our consumer every day. If I do, then that is true success.

What was the most important thing you wanted the train case to exude when developing it?

I wanted it to be fun and functional, and I wanted it to be a true representation of myself, Yumi Kim, and FabFitFun.

We love that the packing case has so many layers and compartments. Do you have any special packing tips and tricks?

I have a rule of traveling with one carry-on. I try to pack “one and done” outfits – dresses, rompers, one piece styles – I could throw on and run out the door quickly. My Yumi Kim silk dresses are perfect! I can easily roll up 10 dresses and pack [it] in my carry-on. The train case has the same premise – it allows you to not only pack, but [also] organize just what you need in one place.

Any tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Have a true passion for what you do. As cliché as it sounds, I believe in the mantra, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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