Any excuse to treat yourself is a good one. Whether you surround yourself with positive word or bite into something tasty and nutritious, here are four ways you can make life a little sweeter…the LUNA way.
Sprinkle your day with positive reminders
You can do this one of many ways: make your mantra your computer password, post a sticky note on your mirror with an encouraging message, or set your favorite quote as phone wallpaper.
Leave a LUNA Rica bar on a co-worker’s desk
After you treat yourself to a perfectly-portioned LUNA Rica bar, spread the love and leave one on a co-worker’s desk along with an encouraging note (because empowered women empower women, right?).
Keep a list of all badass women in your life
Jot down the amazing women in your life (yourself included!) and the qualities you love most about them like independence, passion, grit, or honestly. It’ll serve as a reminder to surround yourself with people who inspire you to be a better you.
Create an empowering playlist
There’s nothing like jamming out to an uplifting song to put you in a good mood. Create a playlist of all of your favorite #girlpower songs. Not sure where to start? Check out the “Live Richer” playlist on our FabFitFun Spotify account.



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