Jasmine Green Tea and Poached Chicken
“Jasmine-scented green tea is beautiful on its own, but can also stand up wonderfully to something meaty but lighter, like poached chicken. For an added zing, try adding the tea leaves to the poaching liquid!”
Matcha and Sushi
“Matcha is intense, so you might be tempted to pair it with a bold flavor. We go the opposite: Drink pure matcha with sush! The richness and earthiness of the matcha makes good sushi taste positively sweet. It’s a match made in….well, Japan!
Breakfast Black and Rich Dishes
“You don’t have to be British to enjoy a classic cuppa. The brisk malty flavor of a good breakfast black tea helps cut through richer dishes and refreshes the palate. Think of a picnic: cucumber sandwiches, perhaps a little cheese and brioche, and a slice of sponge cake would work nicely.”
Chai and Vegetables
“For a unique pairing, try taking the spices that create a chai (cinnamon, ginger, pepper, nutmeg) and using it as a spice rub on roasted root vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, or even cauliflower. The spiced vegetables, matched with a spicy-creamy-sweet chai, definitely take this pairing to a whole new level.”
Earl Grey and Ice Cream
“Want to understand earl grey in a new light? Try drinking it with ice cream! Something hot to drink with a cold scoop of ice cream is magical, and the tannic and citrusy notes of earl grey really sing beside a neutral sweet flavor, like vanilla.”

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